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“Slick, attractive, easy to navigate and a little bit whimsical around the edges, [Real Live Theater] has an online magazine feel and includes regular contributions by a bevy of Bay Area theater insiders.” – Theater Bay Area magazine, February 2009

The Scene

This is the online magazine of Real Live Theater. It includes thoughtful interviews, insightful articles, news, video clips, and links to theater related blogs and websites. Real Live Theater is dedicated to connecting people to live theater all around the planet.

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Real Live Theater is based in Northern California.

The Plot

Regular features of Real Live Theater include Editor’s Note, Artist Spotlight, Behind the Scenes, Places and Spaces, Who’s watching?, Found Treasures and An Invitation for You from our regular contributors.

  • Editor’s Note features reflections on theater and its relationship to the world around it.
  • Artist Spotlight interviews take you into the hearts and minds of theater artists.
  • Behind the Scenes is a journey into the many parts of theater that aren’t seen on stage.
  • Places and Spaces explores buildings and outdoor arenas that house theater productions.
  • Found Treasures takes a peak at our collection of favorite pieces we’ve found on the internet.
  • Who’s watching? focuses on theater audiences to understand what makes them tick and stand up for more.
  • An Invitation for You provides information about special participatory projects.

The Cast

Cheryl - laughCheryl - sepiaCheryl ItamuraCheryl - blue

Cheryl Itamura is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Real Live Theater and a production consultant to companies in the entertainment industry including Harmony Festival, Inc., Domo Records, and Extrordinaire Media. After spending 15 years as an implementation consultant working with human resources database systems she turned her focus toward performing arts production. She has worked on the production teams of Sonoma Jazz Plus and San Francisco Book Festival; with the radio and film divisions of Three House Multimedia; and as a script supervisor for Flying Moose Pictures. Her current focus is on fusing unique informational and inspirational resources to create portals of communication and making them available to a public yearning for living, breathing creative experiences. A visionary, Cheryl is committed to integrating her research and work in production, multimedia and technology to this end. This San Francisco native also serves as the Managing/Production Director for 6th Street Playhouse.

Ray Sikorski at the beachRay Sikorski

Ray Sikorski wrote and directed his first one-act play in 1988, when he knew very little about writing plays and even less about directing them. Twenty years later, when he knew a little bit more, he wrote and directed another one. In the time in-between, he wrote a novel and short-story collection, a couple of screenplays, and many articles for newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, the High Country News, Outside’s GO, and the North Bay Bohemian. Sikorski lived in Sonoma from 2004-2006, where he worked as Features Editor for the Sonoma Valley Sun newspaper. He now lives in Bozeman, Montana.

Phil Gravitt is a freelance writer and humorist whose articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Toastmasters Magazine, Noe Valley Voice and other San Francisco neighborhood newspapers. Phil made the first step from “wanting to be a writer” to “being a writer” a year after graduating from college. Writing an alumni newsletter of facts, fiction, stories and tall tales, he sent the monthly publication to other alumni as well as friends still in college, plus European editions for travelers, and Forest Service editions containing unrestricted language. Participating in the Toastmasters public speaking organization taught him to write speeches as well as articles on a variety of subjects. Expanding his longtime interest in art, he became a successful publicist for several local artists and muralists. Phil is currently a contributor to Bay Area Visual Arts Blog Writing for Real Live Theater, he explores the transition from “wanting to” to “being” in passionate members of Northern California theater.

Kim Taylor circa 1960KimTaylorPR logoKim Taylor photo by Eliot KarlanKim Taylor and Norman Allen 1976

After working over 10 years as a news assistant, entertainment calendar editor and features writer for the Marin Independent Journal, Kim Taylor became a freelance entertainment publicist in 1999. She represents several award-winning North Bay theater companies including the 6th Street Playhouse, The Ross Valley Players, Porchlight Theatre Company and Marin Shakespeare Company. She has obtained media exposure for her clients in print and on radio and television in the greater San Francisco Bay Area; in national, regional and metro newspapers; national magazines; and on nationally broadcast radio and television programs. In 2007, the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics’ Circle honored Kim Taylor with the Barbara Bladen Porter Award, named for the former arts critic of the San Mateo Times and presented to an active mid-career member of the theater community. A resident of Marin, Kim is a wife and the mother of two adult daughters.

Johanna Lynch, whose mum was in vaudville, was born in Australia and is the publisher and Editor of the Russian River Times northern California.

Thank You

Wendell Wilson, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Patrick Varner, Ann Woodhead, Pamela Johnson, Jeffrey Weissman, Mikaela Bennett, Basel Al-Naffouri, Molly Noble, Jeanette Harrison, Jonathan Luskin, Brenda Fox, Denise Stevenson, James Pelican, Ann Woodhead, Jen Cote, Lori Laube, Fred Curchack, Laura Jorgensen, Liz Jahren, Brent Lindsay, David Templeton, Ledoh, tadd cohen, Ryan Cassavaugh, Conrad Praetzel, Eliot Fintushel, Paul Gilger, Chris Ginesi, Nick Christianson, Stephanie Lisius, Jeff Basham, Tatyana Borisovna, Ayse Ulu, Osman Gokce, Turgul Ozahin, Viva Lypchuck and Fikret Seditoglu


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