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UPWAKE: Natasha Tsakos’ multimedia theatrical adventure

In Found Treasures on August 31, 2009 at 8:05 pm

A Found Treasure from the Editor

INTERNET, TED.COM – Playwright and performer Natasha Tsakos works in a brave new form of theater, where sound, computer-generated images and the performer move in sync to create a dreamlike yet sharply real stage environment. Within this space of total possibility, Tsakos muses on the deepest questions of the human soul.  Tsakos presents part of her one-woman, multimedia show, Upwake. As the character Zero, she blends dream and reality with an inventive virtual world projected around her in 3D animation and electric sound.

A Found Treasure from the Editor shares with you a peak at an item from our collection of favorite pieces we’ve found on the internet. Enjoy!


One Day More: another look at two memorable Les Miserables video clips

In Found Treasures on November 20, 2008 at 7:34 pm

With the presidential election behind us, we’ve looked back through our of collection favorite campaign video clips to find ones worth remembering. This one, put together by Ultimate Improv very cleverly demonstrates a seamless marriage between theater arts and the world of politics that has consumed our lives for much of this year. It’s also a fresh, contemporary take on a musical that has quickly become a classic. Enjoy!

We also took a look back at the same song performed and recorded for the 10th Anniversary celebration of Les Miserables at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Also known as The Dream Cast Concert, this production is breathtaking in its scope, performance and orchestration. Actors for the dream cast were chosen from two London productions, a Broadway production and an Australian production. Bravo!!