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  1. benicia old town theatre group is holding interviews on jan 17, 2009 for director- paid position for the spring production of
    “love, sex, and the IRS”. visit website or call 707 746-1269.

  2. Where are you (geographically)?

  3. We are currently based in the North Bay, with writers in San Francisco, Montana, Marin and beyond.

  4. Hello, there doesn’t appear to be a way to contact you so, correction: Il Theatro Calimari (St. Helena, CA). No ‘h’ and the ‘i’ is an ‘a’ so it looks more like Il Teatro Calamari. And an addition, Solono County, Darkroom Productions (Vallejo)
    And get some ads up so there’s more than just good will keeping you going. You are a great source.

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