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Editor’s Note

Welcome photo by Frank van den Bergh

Welcome photo by Frank van den Bergh

Here are five frequently asked questions that people ask about Real Live Theater and the answers.

Q: What is http://www.RealLiveTheater.ORG?

A: RealLiveTheater.ORG is the online magazine of Real Live Theater. It includes thoughtful interviews, insightful articles, news, video clips, and links to theater related blogs and websites.

Real Live Theater is dedicated to connecting people to live theater all around the planet.

Real Live Theater is based in Northern California.

(More about Real Live Theater is available here.)

Q: Does Real Live Theater have a mission statement?

A: Yes.

The mission of Real Live Theater is: to bring awareness of real, live theater as a means of communication, entertainment, and human interaction to an audience yearning for living, breathing creative experiences; to stimulate interest in theater as a worthwhile pursuit, an investment worthy of time, energy and resources; to encourage the endeavors of current and future theater artists and audiences of all ages toward keeping real, live theater real and alive.

Q: Who is Real Live Theater for?

Real Live Theater is for everyone who has attended or may ever attend any play, musical, opera, ballet, circus, improv or comedy club show, school skit, backyard puppet show, guerrilla performance on a busy street or in a crowded subway tunnel, or any other live theater performance anywhere, at any time during their lives.

Q: How is Real Live Theater different?

While many excellent theater periodicals exist — American Theater, Theatre Bay Area magazine, DramaBiz magazine and Theatre Design & Technology for example – most are industry publications geared toward a readership that already works inside the theater industry (i.e. directors, actors, designers, technicians, students).

Real Live Theater, on the other hand offers an invitation to the population of the world at large to peek through the windows of live theater to see, hear and understand what goes on inside the world of live theater. We also leave the door wide open with a welcome mat at the door for anyone who might want to come inside to watch a show, take a class, start a new career, apply their craft, audition or volunteer.

(More about getting involved in theater is available here.)

Many national and local newspapers, websites and blogs exist that are wonderful resources for reviews, calendar listings, audition callboards and industry job listings.

Rather than reinventing the wheel trying to post all those listings ourselves when they already exist somewhere else, Real Live Theater instead seeks out the best newspapers, websites and blogs that provide calendar listings, audition call boards and industry job listings. We publish links worth visiting and highlight our favorites in featured articles.

As for reviews, Real Live Theater encourages everyone to get up, go out and experience real, live theater as often as possible and write their own reviews.

“…the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.” – John Steinbeck in East of Eden

Q: How can I support Real Live Theater?

A: The second best way is to tell all of your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, students and teachers about http://www.RealLiveTheater.ORG, and visit us again and again — each week Real Live Theater features something new. The very best way to support real, live theater is to get up, go out and experience real, live theater at a theater, opera house, circus tent, improv or comedy club, school auditorium, community center, amphitheater, backyard, busy street or subway station near you.

(More about experiencing real, live theater is available here.)

Cheryl Itamura is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Real Live Theater.


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